Edinburgh~Into Day and Night

This city whispers: come, look at me, listen to the beating of my heart. I am the place you have seen in dreams, I am a stage for you to play upon. I am Edinburgh.
Alexander McCall Smith, Author

Salient points – Edinburgh has more eateries and bars per person than London. And the best of these are brilliant indeed, with lavish Victorian furnishings or hiding in plain sight as “speakeasies.” This might include a sign-less entrance below a dry cleaners shop, or in the case of the Pandas, a barbershop with a false bookcase inner door:

Then there are the Cafe Royal Circle Bar and it’s upstairs companion The Voodoo Rooms:

Or a wee dram of whiskey with a bit of folk music appreciation at the Black Cat.

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I am an adherent of the theory that we don't know what we don't know. I enjoy all things literary, visual, mysterious, and just beyond our grasp.
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