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Parting shots …


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Going Baroque …

More than marble facades, brocaded wallpaper and mirrored infinities, Baroque is that post-renaissance opulence that spread across the great regal dynasties of Europe. Think Versailles and try to do it one better, and you have Torino and its palatial set … Continue reading

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Day and Night in Bologna

Whether the small corners of Bologna, showcasing its vibrant Gay and poetic concerns, or its expansive sunset-colored centro storico, or its medieval underground canal system and its oldest Romanesque churches … the visual treats are as tasty as its wine … Continue reading

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Small “bites” of Bologna/St Georgio’s Day

April 23! Last year we celebrated St Jordi’s Day in Barcelona. Today in Bologna, some Catalan student from Barcelona set up a St Jordi’s and Catalan culture point in Piazzo St Stefano, where they sang medieval songs in their language … Continue reading

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Museo dell ‘Automobile

Some say that love makes the world go ’round. But in Italy, and especially in Torino, the Detroit of the industrialized north, it is Fiat and Pirelli that have made Italy and Europe go ’round since the late 1800’s. The … Continue reading

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The Reggia di Veneria

The Reggia di Veneria … a Versailles like hunting lodge/party palace of the grand house of Savoia has just been reopened to the public after almost a century of disuse. Built in the 17th century, the palace and its exhibits … Continue reading

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What’s with Torino?

“You don’t have to believe in magic to feel the sense of mystery that pervades much of Turin, especially down by the weir on the Po on a foggy winter’s night. It might be enough to assign this to some … Continue reading

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