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Barcelona~a la playa

A bit of English weather on Brighton … I meant Barceloneta … Beach, where the surf was definitely up. Yellow flag The sandman … Life at 60 …

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Los juegos del hambre

Hunger games Barcelona Barcelona 1/Madrid 2 Barcelona vs Chelsea score uncertain, but anything less than victory spells defeat. RECESION! Can Spain remain? ___________ St Jordi’s night … When the Ramblas came out smelling like a rose. Night is right in … Continue reading

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St Jordi’s day 4/23

” ‘La Diada de Sant Jordi’ is Saint George’s Day in Barcelona and Catalunya. It is a beautiful day full of romance, roses and books–a Catalan tradition inspired by the legend of St George slaying the dragon, saving the lovely … Continue reading

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More spring

First the plum and then the cherries … If ever you get confused, you are not alone. Just remember, February then April~

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If nothing else, here’s my opportunity to show off some dazzling film (analog) cameras. (Somehow, this is not how I remember my old Brownie point-and-shoots of the last century.) Decorated with pyramids and palms, the Diana F+ Sahara is a beautiful … Continue reading

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