York~A Gothic Update

Guy Fawkes was born here, Dick Turpin was hung a few streets away, and Robinson Crusoe, that other great hero, is also a native of this city. Who is to say which of these is real and which a fiction?
Kate Atkinson, Behind the Scenes at the Museum

The train travels north from London. Fields of cows, rapeseed, gorse, freshly minted lambs testing stubby strides, small shuffling bedroom communities, abandoned phone and photo booths.
The blogger

Salient points — York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe. Its Great East Window covers more than 2,000 square feet, making it the largest expanse of medieval glass in the world.

Special as the Great East Window is, it is a stained glass window in All Saints Church, North Street, that is truly unique. The Pricke Of Conscience window dates from 1425 and is the work of John Thornton, portrays the final 15 days to the end of the world. Individual panels show floods, earthquakes and fires – not unlike the scenarios imagined by doom-mongers today.

York’s ancient walls are three miles long – making them the longest city walls in England – and enclose an area of about 263 acres.

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