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Barcelona: general strike

On the road to Barcelona There is the barcelona you want and the barcelona you get Not the rolling golden amber of a woody allen movie or rick steves dunking churros near the catedral But the rolling anger of a … Continue reading

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Circles at the beach

Ocean beach shifts its patterns and leans toward the ships at the edge of the world and the ships call to the man with the rake Saying ‘do your zen magic’    under the overpass near the cliff house Looking … Continue reading

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Queen Wilhelmina’s garden

Queen Wilhelmina, who ruled the Netherlands for 50 years, donated this windmill to San Francisco in 1902.  The surrounding tulip garden, named after her, makes its best run in the spring. But there are some things to keep in mind … Continue reading

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Barcelona Spain ’12

March 8, 2012 In preparation for our upcoming trip to Barcelona, we visit the Que Syrah wine bar, West Portal neighborhood, San Francisco. The day of the solar flares and the the night of the full moon … Spanish wine … Continue reading

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Fibonacci stunner by Cristobal Vila

If this is new to you, be amazed for 3:44~

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Cult of beauty and beyond

We saw this langourous, dream-filled show at the Legion of Honor Friday at the height of an emphatic rainstorm. The aesthetic movement in England in the 1860’s and beyond blended the “Art for Art’s Sake” philosophy with a fascination with … Continue reading

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Zen passport 2

TRAVEL THREADS The Past It was a night train running through the Pyrenees mountains, which stood out like three-masted schooners under a pale moon. Like the train route itself, certain of the passengers would be phased out some years later. … Continue reading

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