Hampstead~A Green Dream

It is a wooded landscape that is never flat and never square, and you lose your bearings in it, taking years to learn exactly how its dips and meanders fit together. Often on summer evenings people stop and ask me the way – they are miles from where they thought they were, and going in completely the wrong direction.
― Alan Hollinghurst

Georgian neo-classical Kenwood House, circa 1616, once home to aristocratic families like the Guinesses.

The estate is home to hundreds of trees hundreds of years old and ready to climb.

White rhododendron at dusk.

A great place to feast after your time on the Heath.

Blooms in the sun …

Next … faces, places, London.

About Joy Hendrickson

I am an adherent of the theory that we don't know what we don't know. I enjoy all things literary, visual, mysterious, and just beyond our grasp.
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