York~Aboard for Fun

Incredible railway inventions underpin our collection of over a million railway-related objects. Among them are the world’s fastest steam engine Mallard, the exquisitely streamlined Duchess of Hamilton, a replica of George Stephenson’s pioneering Rocket and the only bullet train to be found outside of Japan.
National Railway Museum, York(the largest in the UK)

What is better than a small medieval town with a railway museum? Why a small medieval town with a railway museum, a colorful carousel, live music, and a sense of humour.

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I am an adherent of the theory that we don't know what we don't know. I enjoy all things literary, visual, mysterious, and just beyond our grasp.
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  1. Linda Feldman says:

    I’m living vicariously through your posts and Jacquie’s!! Thank you for these wonderful photos!

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